Our team

Director | Mantis Chu


Mantis has been involved in the construction industry for over 10-years and hence has built up a strong experience across a number of fields. Mantis worked full – time as a builder (on the tools) for 3 years. He worked at one of largest commercial building contractor Livefirm Construction Limited as a site manager for 3 years. He started Greenmount Construction in 2012. Creating perfection is what Mantis believe what is most important in the building industry. Every single home may become a life time memory for the home owner. Mantis’ target is making this memory flawless.


021 887 833

Businees Development Manager | Chong Zhou

Chong just join Greenmount as Business development manager. His previous sales experience in the merchant business enable him to undestand client better. Chong prides himself on his attention to detail and the importance of listening to his clients. Chong will always be ready to provide professionalism, passion and enthusiasm to you and assist you to build you dream.


021 025 73777

Building Associate | Annie Du


Annie joined Greenmount in 2014 with her strong engineer background. She's got her master degree on Precision instrument and machinery. Detail and accuracy is all Annie about. Maybe and should be is not in her dictionary. She always says "When a client comes to site and asks me a question, they are waiting for a firm, accurate answer. I will not mark around. I will tell them what I did and what I will do to make sure their dream home will be completed on time. "

022 183 4737